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    Breaking via ABC News: UN Human Rights Council votes to open inquiry into alleged war crimes in Gaza; U.S. is the ONLY “no” vote.

    That’s because the U.S. is a direct accomplice to every war crime that Israel commits.

    Well, not really…

    The reason the US votes no is fairly easy to understand: voting yes would be taken as a threat to our allies, Isreal, and also, the vote passes regardless of how the US votes. Note how many countries refused to vote at all.

    The US explained its vote thusly: “speaking in an explanation of the vote before the vote, said it remained gravely concerned about the recent violence which had impacted Palestinian and Israeli civilians, and was working intensively to achieve an end to the hostilities. The resolution today would not help achieve that goal. It was destructive, not constructive. The United States was deeply troubled by the resolution and would vote against it. Once again the Council had failed to address the situation in Israel and Palestinian territories with any semblance of balance. The resolution did not mention rockets fired from Gaza, or the tunnels made by terrorists. It would create another one-sided mechanism targeting Israel; the commission of inquiry it called for would be a needless, duplicative effort, the fourth such body established since 2006. The resolution was a political and biased instrument. The Council already had a standing agenda item focused solely on Israel, and a Special Rapporteur with a wide mandate. Furthermore, the resolution took steps outside of Council’s mandate by attempting to convene a meeting of Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention. The United States called for a vote and urged States not to vote for the resolution.”

    But y’all don’t really have to worry, this happened months ago.

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  2. nickelbrasscanon said: what's happening on /v/?


    Events played out like this (with handy confirmed/allegedly/biased source to provide context).

    Confirmed:  Moot goes to a conference and attends a seminar by Anita Sarkeesian

    Allegedly:  Moot is contacted by somebody in the industry and told to stop /v/’s gamergate contributions.

    Confirmed:  /v/ mods start wholesale deleting gamergate threads.  Gamergate threads were contained, mostly, to one thread on /v/.  People posting are banned.

    Confirmed:  /v/ posters retaliate by spamming the board with gamergate threads, “for free” threads (a reference to the mod doing their work for free) and Zoe Quinn threads.

    Allegedly:  One of /v/’s mods is tied to Zoe Quinn, potentially having sex with her.  Accusation made, not confirmed, screenshot exists, could be faked.

    Confirmed:  Moot posts on /v/ saying that gamergate is no longer part of /v/ because it has grown too large and isn’t considered ‘vidya’ anymore.  He says he does not support their posting private information, doxxing and raiding.  He does this from a sticked and locked thread to prevent discussion.

    Confirmed:  /v/ retaliates harder.  Immediately after the Moot post, thread count explodes.  People argue that gamergate and gaming journalism is allowed under the 1st rule of the /v/ boards saying gaming culture is allowed to be discussed and is considered on topic.

    Speculative:  Moot brought in additional mods, which explains why the number of threads about gamergate dropped.

    Confirmed:  A poll posted across /v/ shows that approximately 85% of those that participated in it wanted gamergate threads to continue.

    Biased Info:  Threads on /v/, before they’re deleted, claim that nobody doxxed, nobody raided and private information wasn’t posted, only public information.

    Confirmed:  Those in support of gamergate have started reporting threads against /v/ rules, even ones borderline.  Waifu threads, computer hardware threads, drawthreads, e-celebrity threads, voice actor threads, anything to video games is being reported.

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    TGS Silent Hills Trailer Is Just As Creepy As You’d Imagine

    Silent Hills looks like it’s going for the jugular when it comes to scares and all around mood. If P.T. is just a taste of what to expect then consider us excited and slightly worried that we won’t be able to finish the game. 

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    Maybe on a bust of Beethoven, additional polygons don’t improve much (though I can see smoother lighting, which would make a big difference when you’re moving around it) but think about how much better entire mountain ranges would look.

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    You people really need to check out the #writeakotakuarticle tag on twitter. Its fucking amazing.

    I just got off the phone with the police. They called off the search for my sides.

    They’re with mine.  They’ve reached nirvana and ascended to a higher realm of existence.

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    When regular justice just won’t do the trick - its Extreme Justice! Back issues, just added! \

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    everyone must see this video once in their life brony or not

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