I enjoy it immensely but it still has some hangups that are present in most Nintendo and DW games. Also this Adventure mode is going to kill me


  2. Hyrule Warriors RE:view


    Hyrule Warriors is the latest entry into the Zelda franchise as well as the the first game I’ve ever played on the Wii U, and boy was it a fantastic way for me to get to know my new system. The game is basically a Dynasty Warriors game but with a Zelda skin, but man is it a good skin. 

    The Modes

    The story mode is pretty good. Not fantastic, but not bad. If you came in here looking for depth you came to the wrong place. If you came in here looking for some of your favorite Zelda characters then you’ve come to the right place. While some characters get pushed under the rug more than others, everyone gets their moments to shine. But the real stand out is newcomer Lana. From her introduction I found her really endearing and her part within the game actually turns out really sad and somewhat depressing. One complaint I do have about the story is the cut scenes. While looking fantastic, Nintendo opted to go for text dialogue instead of spoken but characters still move their lips and make noises. It becomes very jarring at points and Nintendo should probably just start engaging in voice acting more often.

    Of course there are other modes as well. Free Mode lets you replay missions from the story mode but with different characters and Adventure mode gives you a retro Legend of Zelda map with different challenges available in smaller maps, such as defeat two bosses or KO 1000 enemies in 10 minutes. 

    One thing that is missing from the game is online co-op. Given Nintendo’s lack of experience in this field it is unsurprising, but I still wish it had this feature. Especially on certain missions where I’m trying to unlock stuff at the expense of the mission parameters. 


    Speaking of bosses let’s move on to the gameplay. It is a hack and slash game, typical of dynasty warriors. If you dislike the DW formula then this isn’t the game for you. It can get repetitive but I enjoy it because I listen to podcasts and watch youtube videos while playing so it doesn’t bother me. I’ve been a fan of past entries into the DW extended franchise (Gundam and One Piece) and have always enjoyed the subtle nuances it offers. The controls can be a bit jarring. I only have a Wii U gamepad and found switching items almost impossible with stopping and looking at the controller. It wasn’t until the final mission in the story mode that I discovered you could change items using  the gamepad’s touchscreen.

    One of my complaints about DW still stands here as well and that’s their leveling system. They never explain in fully in their usual games or here. You craft badges for characters in order to level up their stats but they don’t broadcast the weight of the choices and it doesn’t become apparent until later into the game. Also items used for crafting are odd as well. For example Link needs one item dropped by a boss in order to unlock most of his second tier stats and boosts. However you only ever get one item per drop, meaning you’d have to grind a very long mission to unlock them all. The repetition is fun but is definitely a turn off for some people.


    The graphics are stunning. They have completely sold me on my Wii U purchase. Cut scenes in particular look fantastic. They make me lament the loss of Smash’s story mode as I can only guess how fantastic they would look. The soundtrack features an assortment of remixes of classic Zelda music and gives the battles an even more epic feel. 

    There are some framerate problems when you’re fighting a ton of enemies at once and are getting swarmed. I’ve also heard of serious framerate issues in co-op. This isn’t new for DW games though so it is unsurprising. 


    Hyrule Warriors manages to be a perfect blend between nostalgia and awesome. When I played Legend of Zelda as a kid, this was what I pictured the fights to be in my head. While it is clear that Nintendo still holds onto certain old-fashioned practices, this game shows us that Nintendo isn’t afraid to take risks with one of their most beloved franchises. It’s a step in the right direction for the company and I can’t wait to see what they have on the docket next. 

    Hyrule Warriors: 7/10